Forest Holidays – Blackwood Forest

Lodges amongst the trees.

Lodges amongst the trees.

This weekend I went to my first blogger’s event, at Forest Holidays‘ new site near Winchester called Blackwood Forest.  Forest Holidays are part owned by the Forestry Commission and their cabins are situated deep in Forestry Commission forests.  Continue reading

The Brilliant Campfire Grill.

Campfire grill

There is nothing like cooking over a campfire.  It can’t be done quickly, it takes time and patience to build up the fire to the right heat to get some good cooking heat.  Like all the best stuff to do with camping, campfire cooking means slowing down and getting in touch with your primal side.

Once your fire is ready for cooking the next challenge is what to cook on. Continue reading

Getting it up! (chortle)

If you are a tent camper you will probably have experienced ‘The Tent Pitching Argument’.  All those poles, remembering which bit goes where, small children ‘helping’ and all after a long car journey.  It can lead to a fractious start to your camping holiday.

Or perhaps you are a single adult who wants to take children camping by yourself, but the idea of struggling with all that nylon and poles by yourself is stopping you.

So what are the alternatives to the fiddly fibreglass pole tents that most of us have? Continue reading

Kent and Sussex Campsites

My mental image of the south east of England, particularly the areas of Kent and Sussex, is rather a domestic one.  This is the area that I grew up in, and while I always appreciated it was a pretty area, I would have never imagined it as a holiday destination.  However, I have noticed many rather fine looking campsites in the area and I am being forced to re-assess my opinion.  Check these out: Continue reading

Why aren’t there more campfire campsites?

I spend a lot of time (no, really A LOT) combing through the internet for campsites that allow campfires. Occasionally, I come across one I haven’t seen before but mostly I am seeing the same places coming up.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I know I’m a tad on the obsessive side on the subject but surely most people enjoy a campfire? Continue reading

Portable Fire Pits

There are a fair number of campsites which allow campfires only off the ground.   Some of these sites provide or will hire you a  fire pit (a good little money spinner for the hard working campsite owner). However, others such as Porth Joke and Burnbake (both campsites I would really love to visit), do not offer the required apparatus. Thus, I have been having a sneaky little look at portable fire pits. Continue reading