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YellowFields aims to offer useful information about camping, camping with kids, campfires, campervans and the great outdoors in general.

I am willing to write sponsored posts, assuming they are relevant to my readers.  However, all views will be entirely my own. I may also be interested in associate selling programmes – depending on the products.

We are very regular campers, our family consists of: Dad – interested in campfire cooking, campervan maintenance and general gadgetry. Mum – a big lover of the outdoors, interested in outdoor and adventure experiences with the kids, walking and nature.  Two girls aged 5 and 7.

YellowFields is gaining a foothold in the online campsite review world.  For instance we are on Page 1 of Google if you look for reviews of ‘Thistledown Farm’ which was number one in the last edition of ‘Cool Camping’. We also get a large percentage of hits related to Mazda Bongo Campervans. Our USP is full and honest reviews of campsites that allow campfires.

We are developing the site all the time and use Facebook and Twitter to publicise the site.

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6 thoughts on “Work With Me

  1. Tim Bullen says:

    Thanks for mentioning our site on your blog. It sounds like you are a fan of many of the things that we are trying to develop here. Our focus is on wildlife, edible plants and the chance for people to have some space to relax without cars and hoardes of other campers breaking the tranquility of this tranquil part of East Sussex.
    Perhaps we will see you here one day. Give me a call if you are in the area and want to come and have a look at our peaceful little site with a few interesting twists.

    • Hazel says:

      Hi there Tim, and thanks for stopping by! The Secret Campsite does indeed look very much like my thing, I am particualry impressed by the foraging aspect. Great idea. The only problem is I can’t camp in my campervan. Sad Face. I do understand and commend the desire to provide car free camping, but is there perhaps some small corner where a campervan could be fitted in without disturbing the peace?

  2. Luke says:

    Good Day Hazel
    It’s really great to see such a great blog/site with such similar family and camping values as our own.
    We would like very much to invite you all to our campsite in Pembrokeshire, if you’re ever in the area and would like to give us a try, please feel free to get in contact. We too had a dream and made the leap from Bristol, so if you ever need any advice on your own adventure please just let us know, You’ll find my mum who runs the site will be very happy and welcoming on your stay.

    • Hazel says:

      Hi Luke, thanks for saying hi. I have certainly come across Tir Bach before and I would love to visit. I can’t quite believe a whole camping season has gone by without making it over the border into Wales! But next year we will definitley be heading to Wales and especially, Pembrokeshire. I really hope our day will come to open our own site and I will certainly value the advice of people such as yourselves who have gone before. Cheers and happy camping!

  3. Lynda says:

    Hi Hazel, love you web page if your thinking of visiting Pembrokeshire have a look at our web page we are situated ona headland surrounded 3/4 of the way by sea and two small beaches sit either side of us witha river running between the two making us an island a little bit unique!

    Enjoy your visit to Pembrokeshire

  4. Rosie says:

    Hi Hazel,
    Have seen a couple of articles from yourself – relatively new into the world of Twitter – and thought I’d investigate further. – The Adventures of a Family That Camps – Love it ! Shall check out your reviews when we travel southwards again. I now live in Leeds but originally from Gloucester. I look forwards to reading more.



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