Campfire Cooking Recipes – Lamb wraps

Cooking when camping needs to be simple, filling and yummy! We have a few favourites so here is the first in a short series of our favourite campfire cooking meals!

Lamb (or Chicken) Wraps

cubed lamb (or chicken breasts cubed)
olive oil
salt and pepper
salad leaves
bamboo skewers
natural yoghurt
chilli sauce
Marinade the meat in olive oil, salt and pepper. If possible do this earlier in the day and leave it for a while – but don’t worry if you can’t manage that.
Top Tip – Soak the bamboo skewers in water for at least 5 minutes – to prevent them burning.
Skewer the meat and pop on the grill over the campfire (or barbeque!)
Once the meat is cooked, whack it into a wrap, add some salad leaved, a splash of yoghurt and chilli sauce or whatever takes your fancy – I do especially recommend the yoghurt.
Eat.  Yum. 

Told you it was simple.

NB: Be extra sure the chicken is cooked.  If you are a bit uncertain stick with lamb which is delicious flame grilled!

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