The days are lengthening , or so it is rumoured, hard to tell amidst the mid-winter storms. We are on the way towards a new season of camping adventures.  Visitor numbers to my blog always leap on New Year’s Day as thoughts turn towards holidays.  I am no exception. Planning for the season’s camping is a many layered thing. Continue reading

Project Wild Thing

I first heard of Project Wild Thing a few months ago on Twitter. My first reaction was ‘They stole my name!’ because I co-founded an outdoor playgroup a few years ago with the name ‘Wild Things’ (If you are interested have a look here to see what kind of things we get up to.)

My righteous indignation is of course unfounded for two reasons. Firstly,  we blatantly stole the name from the celebrated and  brilliant book ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ by Maurice Sendak and, secondly, Project Wild Thing is about all the reasons that we first started our group. Continue reading

In praise of September and the camping gods.

Have you noticed that September is a very beautiful month, the sun is that bit lower in the sky creating beautiful golden light. And this year the hedgerows are positively burgeoning with wild fruits to forage.  This weekend we saw elderberries, sloes, rosehips and crab apples. The leaves are just beginning to change and the grasses are yellow and interspersed with the tall skeletons of giant hogweed.

Image Continue reading

More Campsites in Cornwall!


Godrevy lighthouse and beach

The countdown is well and truly underway, only 3 days to go until we set off for beautiful Cornwall for the second year in a row.  Having not been to Cornwall since I was a child I was delighted by what we found when we went last year. The stunning blue sea, endless beautiful beaches and huge variety of countryside left we wanting more. Continue reading

6 Great campsites in Pembrokeshire!

I have been researching campsites in Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire.  Turns out there are a clutch of really rather great campsites. Pembrokeshire offers wild coast lines, hidden coves, huge sandy beaches, very little light pollution and far fewer crowds than many areas of Cornwall.

Here are some of my top finds (of course they are all campfire campsites!): Continue reading

The Perfect Campsite


I have been driving myself crazy searching for a campsite or two for our summer holidays in Cornwall. I know, I know, I have left it rather late and boy it shows.

It would be a lie to say that all campsites in Cornwall are booked up. No doubt some of the sprawling megasites with lines of trimmed pristine pitches, gleaming bathrooms and well kept concrete paths do have space. There are so many of them it is hard to imagine that they ever all get filled up. However, the kind of campsite that you and I like, dear reader, are few and far between and almost without exception FULLY BOOKED for the summer holidays. Continue reading