Campsites I want to visit!


This weekend  we did not go camping.  Phew, I think we needed a break. Plus of course, it gave me a chance to research some more campsites I want to visit.  I have a spreadsheet that I add campsites to as I find them (is that very sad?), so I thought I would share them with you. Perhaps some of you have visited them and can tell me if my hankerings are with or without reason.  Also do let me know of any campsites you recommend!

All these sites allow campfires.

Camping in Oxfordshire

Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek Campsite (odd name!)  is on the Swindon side of Oxfordshire, near the Uffington White Horse and Waylands Smithy Barrow – amazing places

‘Situated on Westmoor Farm in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, Turkey Creek is a secret retreat hidden away in a woodland setting without TV, computers or all the gismos where you can spend some ‘quality time’ with your family and friends.

Our farm is just 1 mile from The Thames path at Tadpole Bridge, where there is a very popular pub and restaurant. Fantastic walks along the Thames eastwards will take you through a Wild Fowl Trust Site, if you head to the west it will take you to The Swan at Radcot and beyond to the Riverside at Lechlade, the Thames Path is ideal for both walkers and cyclists.’

To be honest the website is not that inspirational there is very little info, but that almost makes it more appealing. How come they are so casual that they don’t bother adding loads of lovely photos?  Is it because only special people know about it and visit it?  I want to be one of those special people! Plus, a friend recommended it to me.

Britchcombe Farm

Brithcombe Farm is also on the Swindon side of Oxfordshire.

I have visited this campsite, but it was a few years ago.  We had a good camp there and enjoyed the climb up to the Ridgeway and the views of the Uffington White Horse.  It is a working farm and there are at least three large fields so it’s is a good one for group camping.  Facilities are basic but adequate.  I would love to return to see if it has retained its earthy charms!

Tel: 01367 821022

Camping in Dorset

Brig’s Farm

Brig’s Farm, Nr Charmouth and Lyme Regis, Dorset

‘Brig’s Farm is a 12 acre small-holding nestled in the hills 2 miles from the Jurassic Coast in the far corner of West Dorset. It is a truly beautiful area full of winding hedgerowed lanes and public footpaths. Charmouth, famous for its fossils, is only 2 miles away and Lyme Regis is close too.’

Lyme Regis and Charmouth are fabulous places to visit, I am very excited to have found this campsite so close to Charmouth.  It looks like there are sea views too. Only downside is that it is only open in August.  Shame. Still might just be able to fit it in!

Riverside Lakes

Riverside Lakes is in Wimbourne in deepest Dorset.

‘It’s a chilled out campsite with the intention of allowing nice respectful people a chance to enjoy a relaxing experience within a natural setting. We do not want large groups of screaming kids or drunken louts, just people that like to enjoy the great outdoors experience where you can have a chat around a real fire’

Oh my word! This one has an island you can camp on!  Clearly not accessible to my campervan but still a great feature.  Campervans are restricted to a certain area which is always slightly upsetting to me but probably great for other campers.   The other slightly annoying issue is that it is a ‘Camping and Caravanning Site’, but only one member of a party needs to be a member and you can join on site.  Any campsite which features water heavily will always be a big lure for me.

Camping in Wales

Ynysfaen Campsite

Ynysfaen Camping is in the  Brecon Beacons, Wales

‘Ynysfaen is all about peace and tranquillity – a basecamp to explore and enjoy mother nature doing what she does best. We’re not into late nights so we have a ‘no noise policy’ after 10.30pm. On the other hand, we love early mornings – and waking up to the sounds of the babbling River Usk, the dawn chorus, and the gentle clucking of chickens. If you share this sentiment, then you should really enjoy Ynysfaen.’

After we visited Priory Mill Farm near Brecon, I came home a little underwhelmed by the campsite but in love with the area, and started searching for other options.  This is a lovely looking Brecon Beacons campsite, but, I fear no campervans – can’t believe it, more Campervan Prejudice. Sob.

Penpont Camping

Penpont is also in the  Brecon Beacons, Wales  (NOT to be confused with Penpont Caravan Park in Dumfries)

 ‘Camping is how it should be at Penpont! The site, the old Rose Garden, has an incredibly informal layout – no lines of designated pitches but a variety of small private spaces amongst the mature trees and shrubs with a central open communal space. From May onwards we erect a large white funky awning, in the Rose Garden’s open space, which provides great shelter to gather under should the weather not be so kind! Alternatively there are some riverside pitches and if you’re lucky you’ll see the otters, the kingfishers, the dippers and other wildlife.’

Penpont is another Brecon Beacons campsite; set within the grounds of a large manor house with its accompanying gardens.  It looks seriously idyllic. Camping in an orchard, with a river, and river pools for swimming. Amazing.  Finding it hard not to rush off right now. Can’t anyway because website proclaims ‘Booking very necessary’, I can imagine why


 Tir Abbey Campsite

Tir Abbey is nearish Swansea, South Wales

‘Tir Abbey is a small farm situated on top of the Drummau mountain above the Swansea Valley with fantastic panoramic views. This is a ‘back to nature’ camping holiday as the only facilities are two compost toilets and a water standpipe with natural spring water (regularly tested). There is no electric, although we do have solar lights in the toilets. There are no shops for 3 miles, eggs from our own hens can be bought from the farmhouse. We have plenty of wildlife up here so it is the ideal retreat for artists, birdwatchers, and people who just love the countryside.’

A very lovely looking basic site.  The main attraction appears to be the views.  That is good enough for me!  Fires in braziers only.

Black Mountains Yurts

Black Mountains Yurts is in Mid Wales.

Pwllycwrw is situated in Llandefalle, one of the largest yet under-inhabited parishes of Wales. Situated in the heart of Mid Wales, our smallholding looks out with the most amazing views over the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons. 

In a separate field from the yurts, you have your own showering and toileting facilities, as well as your own large campfire. ‘

As the name suggest this site has grown up around yurt accommodation but they also have a large camping field with only ten pitches. It looks like a very peaceful and remote area, with lovely views.   The fire pit is a large communal one.

Nantcol Waterfalls Campsite

Nantcol Waterfalls Campsite is in Snowdonia, North Wales

‘A unique camping experience awaits you here at the award winning Nantcol Waterfalls campsite. Nestled at the foot of the rugged Rhinog Mountain range and yet a mere 2 miles from Shell Island and it’s golden sandy beaches.’

Not just waterfalls but a river area good for kids and ropeswings. Hurrah!  This area of Wales is so beautiful, also near to the beach at Shell Island.  (There is an enormous campsite at Shell Island which used to have a great reputation for wild camping but I fear can suffer from loud and large groups, I haven’t been there but this is what I have heard!).  Probably not the quietest campsite but in great location and brilliant for kids.

Camping in Cornwall

South Penquite Farm

South Penquite Farm is high on Bodmin moor in Cornwall.

Unlike most camping in Cornwall, there are no marked pitches and we limit the number of people on site so that there is plenty of room for everybody to stretch out. We also sell home produced lamb burgers and sausages, as well as bags of wood so that you may experience the ultimate in cool camping – a campfire!’

I love camping on a wild moor, this looks very good, set on a working organic beef farm, with all of Bodmin at the gate.  There is a lot going on at the farm including Bushcraft courses – excellent!

Keveral Farm

Keveral Farm is near Looe, Cornwall

‘We offer you a small, eco-friendly campsite, spread over three different locations around the farm. There is a good amount of space between the tents.

You can take a 15 minute walk through the woods to the beach in the daytime, and sit around a campfire at night.’

This site has a very hippy feel to it, the organic farm was originally a commune, now with camping, yurts etc.  Walk to beach through the woods! Music to my ears!

Lower Penderleath Farm

Lower Penderleath Farm is nr St Ives, Cornwall.

I have been researching campsites for a tour of Cornwall this year, this looks good.  The website is very brief but reviews on UK campsite are positive.  Sounds like it doesn’t get crowded in the summer and there is a communal fire or fire buckets to hire. Also it is close to St Ives, somewhere I’ve never visited but would very much like to.

I have more. But that’s enough for now I think.  Do let me know of any great campsites you recommend, or of course any to avoid!

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  1. Recipe Junkie says:

    Am liking the look of Brigs farm – we love it down on that Jurassic coast. Do they allow camper vans, do you know?

    I was going to ‘tag’ you in a ‘meme’ when I have got round to writing my post – would you be interested? You have write a post to answer my 11 questions then make up your own 11 and invite 11 other bloggers to write a post… Shout if you’d prefer not

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