Portable Fire Pits

There are a fair number of campsites which allow campfires only off the ground.   Some of these sites provide or will hire you a  fire pit (a good little money spinner for the hard working campsite owner). However, others such as Porth Joke and Burnbake (both campsites I would really love to visit), do not offer the required apparatus. Thus, I have been having a sneaky little look at portable fire pits. We already own a notebook barbecue which does a marvellous job of folding up, like a…well a notebook I guess. (They know their jobs these marketing types).  On one occasion where the campsite had run out of braziers to hire (much to my irritation – see here), the husband placated me by saying we could use the notebook.

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It worked pretty well, but it buckled a little under the heat and possibly weight of the logs. It still works as a barbecue and in an emergency I would use it again as a fire pit, however, I would like something a little sturdier for general use. I have recently come across the reassuringly named Oxbox.

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As it is totally portable, folding flat into its packaging, it will fit snugly into your current storage, be this in the back of your car, or under a seat in your caravan or motorhome. The quick and simple assembly means that it is up and ready in under a minute, and is large enough to contain a real, and safe, log fire. The high sides and low centre of gravity make the Oxbox incredibly safe, with the facility to stake the legs to the ground to ensure maximum stability. As the Oxbox is completely contained, there is no danger of hot embers falling to the ground to damage grass on your pitch and when completely cooled down, you can dispose of the ashes easily and safely.‘ From http://www.oxbox.es Sounds good doesn’t it?  I think it is well priced, especially when you consider how much you could spend over a summer on hiring braziers at different sites.  There is a concern for me which is that it would be difficult to cook over it, however, it is rumoured that the inventor is looking at creating a grill to go with it. I will keep you updated.

La Hacienda seems to offer much of what I am looking for,  Large enough to have a decent fire in, includes a grill for camping, a spark cover to save the grass and with folding legs and a carry case it is genuinely portable.  The only thing to watch out for is that as it is quite low to the ground the grass beneath may scorch.  This problem can be solved by placing tin foil underneath to protect the grass.

La Hacienda Click to Buy £39.99

For ultimate, lightweight portability check out the Grilliput (see what they did there: Grilliput – Lillilput,  I told you these marketing types are clever).

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This is the Grilliput fire bowl which folds up very niftily as you can see in this YouTube video. (Wizz along to around 2mins 14secs to see him actually fold it up). And if that weren’t teeny tiny collapsible enough you can also buy the Grilliput Folding Barbeque which retracts  into a single steel tube. Clever huh?

Click to buy on Amazon £25.55

Outwell do collapsible rather well and this is their latest contribution.  The rather clever feature of this is that the base protects the grass.  However, it is fairly small. Fine for cooking and a friendly glow but perhaps not a proper fire.

Click to buy on Amazon £72.28

NB: I earn a teeny weeny percentage of sales from click throughs to Amazon which enables me to pretend to the husband that this blog may one day fund an exotic and expensive lifestyle…

Check out this Brilliant Campfire Grill too!

10 thoughts on “Portable Fire Pits

  1. BlundstonedLove says:

    Blackland Lakes at Calne, Wiltshire is a site that allows fires as long as they are off the ground.

    As the name suggest they have a couple of lakes for fishing too. I say lakes – they are pretty small, think village duckpond rather than Derwentwater.

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