Campfire Campsites near Beaches!


Today is the 4th January.  It is high time planning for this season’s camping commenced!

Although we enjoyed our holiday in Cornwall last year we were frustrated that we had to pack up the campervan in order to get to a beach from each campsite. This is less of a problem if you are in a tent, but still isn’t the ideal being able to walk to a nearby beach, not worry about parking and be able to pop back if anything vital has been forgotten?

So, I have been researching campsites that appear to fit that ideal and I will be visiting some of them over the coming summer to see if they live up to expectations. Continue reading

A Saturday Afternoon in Box

Last Saturday the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the air was September crisp.  On a day like this one just has to get outside.  The husband was away so the girls and I decided on an ‘explore’ trip. This is where we visit somewhere we haven’t been before and have a good explore! Continue reading

I’ve won an award!

I’ve been here only around 3 months so I am feeling pretty chuffed to be given an award by the prolific and much more experienced Recipe Junkie.  Check out her blog, it is not just the recipes (though those are good) it is the story around each recipe that I enjoy.

I had not the first clue of what I was getting into when I started.  I had a whole lot of camping info rolling around in my head and I had noticed friends had started to ask  for advice about where to go when they were planning a camping trip.  Continue reading

A Camping Tour of Cornwall

The end of term is rushing toward me towards me like a big fast rushy thing.  Schools seem to torture us with endless extra requests, permissions, thank you’s, assemblies, fetes and sports days as the end of the summer term approaches.  Thus, I have had no time to sort out our ‘tour’ of Cornwall.  I had been experiencing some fear that I had left it too late and all the good campsites would be already booked up.  So, with some trepidation I started researching campsites. Continue reading

Camp in My Garden – no, not really my garden!

Ok, hold the press everybody.  I have just come across another brilliant camping concept.

There has been quite a trend recently for websites that share facilities, equipment etc.  Like, a rather cunning website where you can, umm,  park at people’s houses, on their drives in fact.  Clever isn’t it.  We’ve used it and it worked a treat. Continue reading

Camping in the Lake District: ‘The Private Camping Company’

Imagine if you will, the perfect campsite.  Beautiful views, campfires and a feeling of utter tranquility. Until someone rocks up and pitches thoughtlessly close to you, with all their mates.

The Lake District has some great campsites, I remember (dimly, it was a while ago!) some very happy days lounging next to Lake Coniston and exploring the sculpture trail at Grizedale.  Unfortunately, like many beautiful places in the UK, the Lake District can feel overcrowded at times.  Now, imagine the perfect campsite with one extra feature – no noisome, annoying ‘other people’!  Yes, it is possible. Continue reading

Campsites I want to visit!


This weekend  we did not go camping.  Phew, I think we needed a break. Plus of course, it gave me a chance to research some more campsites I want to visit.  I have a spreadsheet that I add campsites to as I find them (is that very sad?), so I thought I would share them with you. Perhaps some of you have visited them and can tell me if my hankerings are with or without reason.  Also do let me know of any campsites you recommend!

All these sites allow campfires. Continue reading

Biggest tent I’ve ever seen!

This weekend I saw this tent:

Biggest tent I’ve ever seen!

It’s a bit hard to tell but the tent the other side of the middle dome was the same size as the one on the near side.  Plus there were two spurs going from the side.  It was enourmous!

What’s the biggest tent you’ve ever seen?  Send me a picture! Bet no one can beat this!