My kids love making fairy houses, and they are brilliant but what they are really doing is honing their den building skills!  It is usually possible to find a spot to make a little fairy house on a campsite but not all campsites can provide the decent bit of woodland that is required to make a good den.  However, our recent visit to the fabulous woods of Inwood Campsite provided the perfect opportunity for den building. Continue reading

Nature Tally – A Game for a Winter Walk

At this time of year the drizzle, pelting rain and greyness can make a walk seem pretty unappealing to kids and adults alike.  However, having been cooped up for the whole the day before we felt a tramp in the fresh air was necessary.  The rain had abated but it was far from a crisp mid-winter day. The kids were not convinced so I thought a game might fuel their enthusiasm. Nature Bingo is great but my kids have played it a lot, so I thought a variation was in order and thus Nature Tally was born! Continue reading

Make your own ink!

My 7 year old daughter is fascinated by the recent TV series Jimmy’s Forest.  Having watched an episode in which Jimmy makes ink from oak galls, she became interested in how we might make our own ink.  Initial surveys of the internet came up with rather complicated recipes involving chemicals that do not exist in the everyday kitchen pantry.  However, my mind quickly jumped from ‘ink’ to natural dyes, surely no big difference. Continue reading

What to do in Cornwall…

Only four days to go until we embark on our camping holiday in Cornwall.  I am getting very excited!  As I have mentioned in The Plan, I believe a good campsite is a destination in itself, somewhere you are happy to chill out, soak up the scenery and muck around with the kids. However, Cornwall is a pretty special part of the country and I am looking forward to exploring and seeing what is on offer.

So far I have come up with the following list of places to visit and things to do in Cornwall: Continue reading

Nature Bingo!

Kids are of course naturally curious but sometimes they need something to arouse their exploring spirits.

I have mentioned before that Nature Bingo can be a brilliant tool for providing focus and momentum on a family hike.   It is so easy to create a Nature Bingo sheet, it can be done anywhere if you have a pencil and paper.  My 7 year old daughter now makes her own, with lovely illustrations. Continue reading