Cloud Farm – the re-visit, nearly.

We rarely camp on bank holiday weekends and as we approached Cloud farm I remembered why.  The campsite was very busy, it seemed to be packed with tents from the first corner onwards.  Any hopes of finding a pitch by the river were instantly dashed.  One of the owners stood by the gate urging us on ‘There’s loads of room!’ he said.  No there isn’t, we thought, there might be the odd unclaimed patch of  grass but by no means could you claim there was loads of room.

Now, clearly this was a very popular weekend, I would not expect any campsite where you can just turn up to be empty, however, what concerned me where the owners fervent exhortations to lever ourselves in somewhere.  Perhaps a more responsible owner, interested in his customers experience and his own reputation might have started pointing campers in the direction of some of the nearby sites as an alternative.

Fortunately, as I spend half my life researching campsites, I knew of another campsite further along Doone Valley where booking was not required.  Off we trundled, with mystified kids, to Leeford Farm.

Cloud Farm is in a beautiful location, and we have enjoyed some gorgeous camping days there.  However, I would be very reluctant to try it on a busy weekend again.  If you can wangle some mid- week days off or venture out early or late in the season, it is a still well worth a visit.

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