A Camping Tour of Cornwall

The end of term is rushing toward me towards me like a big fast rushy thing.  Schools seem to torture us with endless extra requests, permissions, thank you’s, assemblies, fetes and sports days as the end of the summer term approaches.  Thus, I have had no time to sort out our ‘tour’ of Cornwall.  I had been experiencing some fear that I had left it too late and all the good campsites would be already booked up.  So, with some trepidation I started researching campsites.

In my fear I started to consider some campsites that did not allow campfires.  I was nearly sucked in.  Afterall, there are many attractive place to stay in Cornwall, is a campfire really necessary?  On one hand I am willing to admit that it is possible to have a pleasant camping trip without a campfire.  However, as I clicked and searched through the myriad of campsites in Cornwall, it became clear to me campsites without campfires are far more likely to be prone to the closely clipped grass, hard standing ‘aprons’ , and rows, I hate rows.

Perfectly nice campsite ruined by ROWS (um, and caravans)

I know, I am a horrible campsite snob. In fact as a kid I caravanned and had a great time, completely unaware of ‘rows’.

Swiftly, I returned to the important ‘campfires allowed’ option on searches. Ah, relief.  Beautiful friendly looking,  free to pitch where you like, campfire encouraging loveliness.  Finally, after much consultation with the husband (well, maybe ‘much’ is an exaggeration), checking of reviews and considering distances, I have come up with the following sites to visit during the tour.

1. We start in Totnes, camping on private land at a friend’s house. Ace.

2. Next, South Penquite Farm, high on Bodmin Moor. With accolades from Cool Camping, The Independent, Mumsnet, The Guardian and more I have high expectations.  It is a working beef farm, set in the remarkable landscape of Bodmin Moor. There is a river and all of Bodmin to explore.  Now, that is more like it

One of our bronze age hut circles.

Bronze age hut circle at South Penquite Farm

3. Onwards to Henry’s down on The Lizard.  I have never been to this part of Cornwall and I am very pleased that I have secured a booking at Henry’s with sea views and the distinction of being the most southerly campsite in Britain. These things excite me.  Henry’s has a good reputation for being laid back, a little bit whacky, with great sea views and of course campfire enthusiastic. Brilliant.

Henry’s – no rows here!

4. Next stop Westerley Campsite, near St. Ives.  Again, I have never visited St. Ives and I am eager to do so.  However, I was suspicious of reviews of crowded campsites in the area.  I was very pleased to discover ‘Westerley Campsite’.  This is a no frills campsite, just basic facilities, friendly owners (apparently), good views, campfires and walking distance to a beach. Reviews are remarkable in noting the site is relatively empty even in peak season. Hurrah.

NB: Have yet to write up full review but it is something of an exageration to say this site is walking distance to  beach.  I mean you can walk there but it is a fair way!

5. Next on our whirlwind tour we will be travelling up the West coast to the totally fabulous looking Cornish Tipi Holidays, inland from Padstow.  Its main focus is clearly tipis but it also has a wild camping meadow, with fire pits.  The site looks amazing, a wooded valley with a lake in the middle.  The website does a very good job, I am already captivated. I really hope it can live up to its own hype!

6. Finally, heading back towards home ground we are going to try out Caffyns Farm on Exmoor.  I am a big fan of Exmoor and as I describe in my post ‘Alternatives to Cloud Farm‘, Caffyns Farm looks like a great option. It is run by the people who created the well known and now slightly overrun Cloud Farm.  I look forward to testing it out!

So there we are. Our summer holiday this year will be in some of England’s finest spots. I know the weather has been rubbish (although there have been mutterings that August might be better, maybe), but I am still very excited to explore Cornwall and checkout a load of new campsites. We set off on the 1st August, watch this space to see if these campsites can meet my expectations.

7 thoughts on “A Camping Tour of Cornwall

  1. Sussex mama says:

    Looks incredible. I felt a bit homesick for the West Country then, the Exmoor camp site looks particularly impressive. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    PS I HATE the end of term, they keep you on your toes RIGHT TO THE LAST MINUTE. Roll on Friday 😉

  2. sibyl says:

    Looks like a great holiday, love the sound of the sites you picked. Also totally identify with the end of term feeling, suddenly seems so much to organise, roll on the hols!

  3. Recipe Junkie says:

    I can’t wait to hear about all the campsites – you are turning into my camp site guru. We were going to head back down to Cornwall next summer half term and i will be relying on you for your expert opinion. Hope you have agreat time.

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