I’ve won an award!

I’ve been here only around 3 months so I am feeling pretty chuffed to be given an award by the prolific and much more experienced Recipe Junkie.  Check out her blog, it is not just the recipes (though those are good) it is the story around each recipe that I enjoy.

I had not the first clue of what I was getting into when I started.  I had a whole lot of camping info rolling around in my head and I had noticed friends had started to ask  for advice about where to go when they were planning a camping trip.  Plus the husband keeps making noises about me earning money now the smallest one is about to start school, so the blog seemed a good vehicle for releasing the camping geek inside me and maybe making some money through adding a camping shop to the blog (yeah, I must get round to that bit). However, I did not realise that there is a whole community out there of people sharing their lives, their thoughts, their experiences and of course their recipes!  I have merely dunked my toe into the world of blogging but I have already encountered people I have lots in common with, foremost of course an enjoyment of writing!  So thanks so much for the ‘Reader Appreciation Award’ Recipe Junkie.

The rules of  the award are as follows

1. Include the award logo on my blog:

2. Answer the 10 questions below, for fun

3. Nominate other blogs you enjoy – the recommended number is 10-12, but you can choose any number
4. Pay the love forward – provide your nominees with a link to your post, and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invite them to take part
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.
Favourite colour:  It’s a question kids ask a lot, in fact I think kids get asked it a lot too.  Not sure it is an entirely natural question to answer. I mean the colour of what exactly?  My favourite hair colour is not the same as my favourite wall colour.  Even the colour I would choose for walls in different rooms would be different.  Certain colours suit me better, in fact I have come to realise that one of the colours I have particularly poor associations with (pink) actually lights up my otherwise rather pallid complexion.   So it really is a very tricky question to answer.  However, because my kids do often ask me I do have a stock answer.  Blue.  I love blue jeans and blue skies and my bedroom is blue so yup, Blue.
 Favourite animal:  Growing up we always had pets in the house.  Usually the two dogs, one cat combo. I was pretty close to those dogs and cats. They all have their very distinct place in the annals of family history.  I talked to them, played with them, walked them and generally thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.  As an adult, not long after I left university and shortly after I became engaged to my husband, we adopted Harry from the RSPCA. He was a short-haired border collie, he was around five when we got him and he was without doubt the best dog on the planet.  You could take him anywhere. He would come to the pub with us, he came to parties, we even tried to get him into our wedding but the fancy hotel said no. Shame. He was super intelligent, obedient, loving, almost never barked, had really soft ears and beautiful brown eyes.  Plus, he made me get off my butt and go off exploring to satisfy his doggy walking needs.  I explored the length and breadth of the Malvern Hills, where we  lived, with him by my side. So guess who my favourite animal is? Harry the dog.  He was the tops.

Harry – best dog in the world.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  I am a simple lass.  Tea for me.  Properly stewed with a dash of milk.  NO earl grey, ech.
Facebook or Twitter:   I am pretty useless at phoning people.  It just doesn’t seem to be in my nature.  My friendships survive based on the mutual understanding that I am rubbish at phone calls but I do still love them (my friends that is). So anyway Facebook does seem to suit me much better.  I do like seeing what everyone is up to and I love posting photos.  Some of my friends are pretty witty too so I get entertainment as extra.  I started tweeting this week but I have not yet figured out Twitter, to be honest I’m a little bit scared.  Will I become a social media addict?
Favourite Pattern:  Now that is a question you don’t get asked everyday.  I am rather fond of the pattern on my living room curtains though.  (Imagine if my teenage self could hear me now!)  It still makes me a little bit happy every time I pull the curtains. As if to prove it I do have a photo of said curtains on my computer. That’s probably not normal is it.
Do you prefer giving or getting presents:  Some people are gifted present givers, but not me, I fear.  I do love giving presents when I know it is a good present that the receiver will really appreciate.    I am not so keen on buying presents in that panicky Christmas way.  To be honest the same pretty much applies to receiving.  I am not a good receiver because I am neither a good nor willing liar. Of course if its something I really want I’m very happy.  But the best presents are often the small unexpected ones. Doesn’t exactly answer the question does it, but that’s as good as it gets!
Favourite number: 3.  Think what you will.

Favourite flower:Flowers are great aren’t they.  Woodland flowers, wild meadow flowers, spring blossom, cultivated garden blooms. I love them all.  I love the vibrancy of tulips and trees heaving with blossom in spring time.  The ever evolving buds and blooms in my flower beds as summer advances.  I get giddy excited as each plant develops its new buds and I drag the big one out to appreciate them with me.  I mourn the felling of my lupins by the evil snails against whom I wage endless war. I peer out of the window each morning to see what has changed.  So what is my favourite flower? The ones whose swelling buds are closest to bursting into flower.  The excitement is tangible.

My 7 year old daughter took this picture this afternoon. Pretty good isn’t it!

What is your passion:  Being outside in a natural environment.  That’s why I like gardening, walking dogs, forest school and of course camping.  I feel fully alive when I’m outside. It doesn’t have to be sunny or even warm.  I just love the vibrancy and endless variety of actual real nature.

Now to the important business of Nominations.

sibylnutmeg -an unassuming blog, mostly about sewing. I enjoy her simple style and really hope one day that I will be inspired enough to try one of the cute sewing projects she recommends!

Bristol Parenting Cafe – a beautifully designed blog and she is so creative, I nearly always feel a little jealous but can’t help admiring her too!

Babyroutes because I was always looking for good baby friendly walks when mine where smaller and she is providing a great resource.
SussexMama – because I love the fact that she has kept a diary pretty much her entire life.  I tried that several times but failed.  Her blog is an extension of the diary.

4 thoughts on “I’ve won an award!

  1. Bristol Parenting Cafe says:

    Well done on your award! Thank you so much for passing it on to me and for your very sweet comment about my blog, it really means a lot to have you say such nice things. I think you have some really interesting answers to what could be quite straightforward questions!

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