Campsite Review – Penrose Campsite, Porthleven, The Lizard, Cornwall.


Where:  Penrose Campsite, Porthleven, West Cornwall.

How much: £5 per adult/ £2.50 per child NB: Open July and August only!

Campfires: Yes, please use previuosly burnt fire circles. There are plenty.

Fire Wood:  Reconstituted fire logs sold on site.  Personally prefer to get some real wood, but a perfectly acceptable alternative and probably more environmentally friendly.

Facilities:  Toilets, showers and washing up sinks all in block in first field.  Well maintained but basic.

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The days are lengthening , or so it is rumoured, hard to tell amidst the mid-winter storms. We are on the way towards a new season of camping adventures.  Visitor numbers to my blog always leap on New Year’s Day as thoughts turn towards holidays.  I am no exception. Planning for the season’s camping is a many layered thing. Continue reading

‘Winterising’ your Bongo

I was talking to a lovely American lady the other day about preparing her garden for winter. She called this ‘winterising’, with a lovely midwest drawl .  Although I’d never heard the word before I immediately grasped it’s meaning and I’m guessing you will too.

Apologies to any language purists out there but I do fully believe in the richness of our changing, alive language and so I am embracing the term ‘Winterising’.  Try it out loud – with the drawl.


Winterising your Bongo

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Project Wild Thing

I first heard of Project Wild Thing a few months ago on Twitter. My first reaction was ‘They stole my name!’ because I co-founded an outdoor playgroup a few years ago with the name ‘Wild Things’ (If you are interested have a look here to see what kind of things we get up to.)

My righteous indignation is of course unfounded for two reasons. Firstly,  we blatantly stole the name from the celebrated and  brilliant book ‘Where the Wild Things Are‘ by Maurice Sendak and, secondly, Project Wild Thing is about all the reasons that we first started our group. Continue reading

Uniqlo and getting stuff for free.

When I started this blog it wasn’t my intention or even my expectation that I would start getting ‘stuff for free’.  To be honest I never really imagined I’d have enough readership to warrant attracting PR chaps and chapesses to give me products to review. However, as time went by and it turned out people shared my camping obsession and maybe even found it a tiny bit useful, I did start getting a few contacts.  I have turned a few down, I am careful only to review stuff I genuinely think is good quality, and of interest to people who are into camping. Continue reading

Campsite Review: Britchcombe Farm, Uffington, Oxfordshire.

September 22, 2013-83

Where: Britchcombe Farm, Uffington, Oxfordshire, SN7 7QJ

How much: £7 per adult (age 15 and upwards) , £3.50 per child per night, Under 5’s stay free.

Fires: Yes, use ash pits that have been used before.

Logs: For sale £5 per bag with kindling – (a bit stern about not bringing your own wood!)

Facilities:  Mobile toilets in each field, small toilet,shower and washing up block at main house. Also a Tea room!

Dogs: Permitted under control.

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In praise of September and the camping gods.

Have you noticed that September is a very beautiful month, the sun is that bit lower in the sky creating beautiful golden light. And this year the hedgerows are positively burgeoning with wild fruits to forage.  This weekend we saw elderberries, sloes, rosehips and crab apples. The leaves are just beginning to change and the grasses are yellow and interspersed with the tall skeletons of giant hogweed.

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Campsite Review: Abbotstone Wood, Arlesford, Nr Winchester, Hampshire


Where: Abbotstone Wood, Nr Arlesford, Hampshire, SO24  9TQ

How much: Adults  £15.00 per night.  A reduction for families –  £12.50 per adult and £5.00 for each child over three.

Campfires: Yes, in designated fire pits

Fire wood: Available to buy on site.

Facilities: Toilets, showers and small washing up area near reception.  No hot water for washing up.

Dogs: Allowed, under control.

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Campsite review: Pleasant Streams Farm, Nr St Austell, Cornwall.

Pleasant Steams Campsite

Where: Pleasant Streams Farm, Lower Sticker, Cornwall, PL26 7JL

How much: Charges per tent and depending on size of tent, or unit check website for details.

Fires: Yes, only in predefined stone ringed firepits.  (There are a good number but if there aren’t any free don’t make your own!)

Fire wood: Available by the barrow load.

Facilities: Small block with 2 toilets and 1 shower each for men and women.  Also a small summer house with board games and leaflets etc, plus life jackets for use on the rowing boat.

Dogs: Not permitted

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