In praise of September and the camping gods.

Have you noticed that September is a very beautiful month, the sun is that bit lower in the sky creating beautiful golden light. And this year the hedgerows are positively burgeoning with wild fruits to forage.  This weekend we saw elderberries, sloes, rosehips and crab apples. The leaves are just beginning to change and the grasses are yellow and interspersed with the tall skeletons of giant hogweed.

ImageThese wonderful sights are just one of the reasons why it is a great idea to go camping in September.  I was very happy to have the rare chance to enjoy a relaxing trip away in the campervan with my oldest friend this past weekend. I was looking forward to a good catch up, a long walk along the Ridgeway taking in The Uffington White Horse and the mystical Wayland Smithy’s Barrow, not to mention a visit to a good local pub for dinner (a luxury I don’t generally indulge in when camping with the family!) .

Now, it just so happened that I had been recently bemoaning my dissatisfaction with my current double sleeping bag. It just isn’t warm and cosy enough.  There are many wonderful things about camping in September but one of the less wonderful things is that night time temperatures are often lower than in the summer. Well, as if the camping gods had heard me, the kind people at Silverfox recently sent me this Vango Wilderness 3 Season Sleeping bag to review. Well thank you very much camping gods.

As it turned out it was an unusually warm night for September but I have shivered in my old sleeping bag on summer nights before and so I am happy to attest that it is indeed much warmer and snugglier than my old 2 season version.  The inside is wonderfully soft with none of that humid feeling you can get in a sleeping bag.  Lovely. We are considering reverting to canvas instead of the campervan and this sleeping bag made me feel more confident that I could still be warm sleeping in a tent again!

Vango Wilderness Double Sleeping Bag

The Vango Wilderness is £60 which is pretty good value in my book and I always feel good about Vango products, A good quality, trusted brand.

Now then camping gods – about that beautiful dutch cotton tent I’ve been fancying…


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