The untold wonders of waterproof trousers.

IMG_8266During the first week of the Easter holidays we visited the Lake District.  As we all know the UK has many areas of beautiful countryside but I must admit the Lake District is one of my favourites.  However, it is also the second wettest area of Britain.

‘Yes, it may well rain’ I explained to my children as I booked the holiday, secretly believing we would be lucky and enjoy a week of unusually warm, spring loveliness.  However, as the date approached for our departure it became evident that spring sunshine was highly unlikely. I tried to remain optimistic, weather forecasts I find are generally a little pessimistic,  and I ordered some waterproof trousers for the children – I paid for immediate delivery just to be sure….

At this point it seems relevant to explain that I have tried to persuade the family to adopt the wearing of waterproof trousers in the past, but there had been much rebellion in the ranks.  The children groaned that they were too ‘rustly’ and ‘uncomfortable’ , I don’t think these were legitimate complaints but as their father flat refused to consider wearing them I was on weak ground.

So, as I ordered the kids’ trousers I asked my husband if I should order some for him.  No, not a chance, why on earth would I.

Yet, as the spectacular, but undeniably soggy, Lake District panarama unfolded itself to us as we woke and surveyed the view on our first day, suddenly waterproof trousers didn’t seem such a terrible idea.

One set of adult waterproof trousers and a proper waterproof walking jacket later, the previously nonplussed husband could be found striding the Cumbria Way proclaiming – ‘Look! I’m completely waterproof! You know what I really want is a really big downpour just so I can check it all out properly!’

As you can imagine his wish was granted. Several times.

And it did work, all of it, a whole waterproof family.  We weren’t put off by the rain and we enjoyed quieter walks as fair-weather walkers stayed at home wondering if they ought to pop out and buy some waterproof trousers.

4 thoughts on “The untold wonders of waterproof trousers.

  1. emilymv says:

    We have just invested in decent waterproofs coats for the whole family- I wonder if trousers will be next for us too?? It is good to feel you can get out and about despite the weather! Nice to see a post from you- I’ve missed them! Have you been camping yet this year?!

    • Hazel says:

      Thanks, good to be back! I’ve been off training to be a primary school teacher which hasn’t left much time for the blog. I think it’s good to have some waterproof trousers on standby, you can buy them very cheaply and then don’t take up too much room! Haven’t camped yet this year, but the fields are rape are coming into bloom, I’ve cleaned the winter grime off the bongo and the camping stuff is out of storage and ready to be stowed. We will definite be off as soon as a good weekend arises. Maybe this weekend…..

    • Hazel says:

      Nothing fancy, kids and husbands are all Peter Storm. Kids ones cost about £6 on amazon and husbands were £15 is a sale in one of the many outdoor shops in Ambleside. Mine are regatta, I’ve had them a while, they cosy about £30 I think. As with all these things it is possible to spend vast sums but these were perfectly adequate for our needs.

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