Five things I wish someone would invent for campers.


1. A way to go for a wee in the middle of the night without unzipping the sleeping bag.

2. A tent that is properly blacked out without causing overheating.

3. A way of stopping the campfire smoke from following you even when you move to the spot that has been smoke free all evening.

4. An invisible boundary that prevents other campers from pitching too close to you.

5. A genuinely comfortable, affordable bed.

Almost every camping trip is accompanied by discussions about how we would make our camping life a little bit easier. The going to the toilet in the night thing is always number one for me. At home I easily sleep the night without needing a to visit the toilet. However, in a tent , my bladder’s capacity apparently shrinks to the size of an egg cup. Tell me it isn’t just me?

I fear this problem is pretty much unsolvable without resorting to an adult size nappy which is definitely a step too far. But I reckon some of the others are possible.  Are you listening clever, designer types?

How about you? What is your camping bug bear?

4 thoughts on “Five things I wish someone would invent for campers.

  1. afamilydayout says:

    Definitely sound proofing so you don’t have to listen to the man (never a woman) snoring in the tent next to you.

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