Uniqlo and getting stuff for free.

When I started this blog it wasn’t my intention or even my expectation that I would start getting ‘stuff for free’.  To be honest I never really imagined I’d have enough readership to warrant attracting PR chaps and chapesses to give me products to review. However, as time went by and it turned out people shared my camping obsession and maybe even found it a tiny bit useful, I did start getting a few contacts.  I have turned a few down, I am careful only to review stuff I genuinely think is good quality, and of interest to people who are into camping.

So anyway to the crux of the matter – I was recently contacted by a friendly representative from Uniqlo asking if I would review one of their ‘Ultra Light Down Jacket‘.  I rather like Uniqlo as a brand and this review came with an added opportunity for readers so I said ‘yes’ with no hesitation.

This is the coat I was sent

WOMEN Ultra Light Down Parka

Nice eh!  And, I feel like a bit of a div for saying it, but really, it really, really is ‘Ultra Light’ it is like wearing air encased in silky fabric.  Myself and my children have been stroking it a lot.

It is warm – not ski slope warm, but brisk autumn morning warm easily and layered with a warm jumper or fleece is definitely going to take me through all but the very bitterest  days of winter (when the ski jacket will come out).

The other super plus and what really does make it useful for campers is the incredibly tiny stuff bag that it can be contained in.  Just imagine a coat no bigger than a pac a mac, but all warm, soft and lovely.  The perfect extra layer on our not so tropical summer evenings on the campsite! It will definitely be accompanying me on future camping trips.

There are several different styles too: full length, gilet, with or without hood for both men and women!

And the final hook is that if you were to purchase yourself one of these ‘Ultra Light Down’ jackets and then take a picture of yourself wearing it and then post it on twitter with the hashtag #ULD you may just win yourself  £300 to spend at Uniqlo.  Not a bad added bonus.  Competition closes on the 20th so get your skates on!

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