TV opportunity!

Just had to let you know about this opportunity to be on TV!    The Channel 4 Series ‘Gadget Man’ is looking for camping enthusiasts to take part in filming for the new series, here’s what they had to say.

‘We are looking for: Couples who know each other well

(e.g. friends, family, partners, work colleagues) and have a passion for the Great Outdoors.

We are looking for couples who are opinionated and who would have fun trying out new products!


Filming is scheduled for THURSDAY 18TH JULY 2013 IN MILTON KEYNES from approx. 12NOON- 5PM
If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Sue on with your name, contact number and a brief description of yourself ASAP.’

I think it sounds like fun, I’d be down there like a shot but it is my daughter’s birthday party that day and I will have a house full of excitable 8 yr olds! Go on contact them, have your 5 minutes of fame! I’ll definitely be watching that episode.

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