Top Tips for Family Camping!

I’ve been a guest poster over at Babyroutes recently.  Babyroutes is all about walking with little ones.

Being  a mum doesn’t stop Kate in her quest to explore the beautiful countryside of Britain on foot, you’ll find great in depth guides to walks that can be undertaken with a little one in tow plus useful reviews and info about walking with kids. Have a look and get inspired!

They have just bought their first family tent so I supplied some of my hard won top tips for family camping.  Pop over and have a read!


4 thoughts on “Top Tips for Family Camping!

    • Hazel says:

      I always find I get thirsty in the night when I’m camping. Probably because of the wine I often consume before bed…getting a drink of water is no simple task in a tent at night so I always make sure I have a bottle of water with me. Anything to prevent me needing to get out of my sleeping bag during the night!

      • catrinmanel says:

        Ah! Yes, I can see why now! My top tip: (speaking from experience) put the child that snores the loudest furthest away from you in the tent… Not right next to your left ear!

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