The Brilliant Campfire Grill.

Campfire grill

There is nothing like cooking over a campfire.  It can’t be done quickly, it takes time and patience to build up the fire to the right heat to get some good cooking heat.  Like all the best stuff to do with camping, campfire cooking means slowing down and getting in touch with your primal side.

Once your fire is ready for cooking the next challenge is what to cook on.

The simplest campfire cooking involves toasting things on sticks,  or bung a potato in foil and roast it in the fire. However, for a touch more sophistication you need a grill over the fire.  Until recently we have used an old barbeque grill, any rocks we find around and some ingenuity.  It works ok but there are limitations, you can’t control the height of the grill  from the fire and if you can’t find any good rocks you are stuffed.

Thus, we come to the Campfire Grill.  As you may imagine much research has been undertaken. There are  all kinds of kit for cooking over a campfire but when we came across this piece of equipment we were quickly convinced.

So what sold it to us?

  • It packs up tidily into its own bag.
  • The packed up grill is flat – easy to stow in the campervan.
  • It is fast and easy to set up.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Raised edge prevents food from rolling off
  • It can be swung away from the fire
  • There is a pot dangler option

In fact, I was so impressed I looked into becoming a supplier but in the end I had to satisfy myself with just owning a grill.  Ordering was easy and delivery prompt, we went for the Pioneer model which is the round one and we fell is plenty big enough for our family of four and possibly a few guests. We were able to take it on our first camp of 2013 to Nettwood Farm.

We were not disappointed.  Our fire pit was dug and our dinner cooked with ease. We realised the Campfire Grill would easily work over a fire in a brazier or off the ground fire pit owing to its adjustable height – another plus! I honestly can’t think of a negative about this grill. If you like to cook over a campfire buy one of these!

If you are still dithering you can go and have a look at them in action at one of several campsites that are demonstrating them over the summer. Look at the website for details.

NB: This is not a sponsored post, however, when I ordered the grill, Ginny agreed to give me a small discount in return for a review.  My review is completely honest and I would have bought one and even reviewed it even without this agreement (sorry Ginny!)

campfire grill

Poached eggs on a campfire grill!

campfire grill

Lamb Hotpot on a campfire grill!

4 thoughts on “The Brilliant Campfire Grill.

    • Hazel says:

      Yes, I think you can hire them there can’t you, and then buy if you are happy. Great idea! Have fun at Forgewood, I have heard its lovely, I have been to a festival in the Eridge Estate but not the campsite, a beautiful area!

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