Campsite Review: Wo-Wo (Wasbourne Manor) Campsite, Sussex

Camping with friends at Wo Wo.

Ok, lets get the negatives over with the toilets and showers in the central reception area are in portacabins and up quite steep steps.  A bit tatty and not very many of them.  There are also composting toilets and portaloos dotted around, usually in a reasonable state. It took us a little while to discover these different toilets as there where none in our field. But that aside, lets move on to the good stuff!  Lovely woods, a stream, ropeswings galore, plenty of space and of course, great fire pits often with benches. There are lots of great places for kids to explore, stepping stones, tree trunk bridges, loads of great stuff to discover.  It is quite a big site but as it is separated into several different fields, fringed by copses of wood and streams, so it still feels quite intimate but with lots of space to explore.

They also have a rather a unique music venue.  I wish I had taken a photo as it’s hard to descibe, but basically there are large covered areas around a central large fire pit.  The covered areas are constructed from great big logs and canvas, all very aesthetic and big enough to provide cover for quite a lot of people.  As I understand it there are evenings of music and campfire entertainment. Its a bit like a mini festival.  However, if you don’t fancy being sociable don’t be put off, the music area is in its own field, you could happily spend the evening oblivious of the nearby jollities.

Next door to the campsite, maybe a ten minute walk away, is Sheffield Park Station, home of the Bluebell railway.  Not cheap, but if there are any rail enthusiasts in the family it is a must visit.  Also nearby is the fabulous Ashdown Forest.  Loads of lovely walks, check out this site for some inspiration  But be assured you can stop in any of the forest carparks and have a lovely wander on the forest  (mostly not forest but heathlands!).  The Ashdown Forest is the original setting for Winnie the Pooh so see if you can find the original bridge where the game of pooh sticks was invented.

Wo Wo is a great site, it gets booked up though so make your reservations.

5 thoughts on “Campsite Review: Wo-Wo (Wasbourne Manor) Campsite, Sussex

  1. Michelle says:

    See you have been to Wowo too. We haven’t been for a year or so, so the music area sounds new. I must say I love a festival so anything like a mini festival sounds great to me. I think they do have a policy of a set time for stopping music so it shouldn’t put off people who don’t like noise. I know you’ve been over to me as you mentioned you had a Bongo too – they are wonderful I agree. Always great when you see one around.
    I saw a story yesterday that Port Lympne Zoo in Kent is now doing a camping/glamping adventure holiday where you camp overlooking an elephant enclosure – how fantastic does that sound?!
    I look forward to reading more about your camping experiences and your plans. Are you going away for the Diamond Jubilee ? If so, have fun and look forward to seeing your post.

    • Hazel says:

      Hi Michelle, Thanks for stopping by! The music is very low impact at Wo Wo, guitars and singing I think! We foolishly didn’t get around to booking a site for this weekend so we are planning to get down to Cloud Farm, Exmoor on Friday evening, you can’t book there so just need to turn up and bag a good spot! Hope you have a great weekend too!

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