Ground Art Fun

This one is so blissfully simple, you can do it almost anywhere.  In a wood, on a beach, in park or field, certainly on a campsite.  No equipment required just some inspiration.

  1. Look around and see what materials you could use.  It might be sticks, leaves, seaweed, stones, flowers (like daisies and dandelions).
  2. The collecting is sometimes half the fun so take your time see if the kids can find a good variety of stuff.  Great for getting the little ones involved, they usually love collecting!
  3. Now, decide what your art is going to be. It might be a picture or just a pattern or even a sculpture. Just get creative.
  4. Start making – here are a few ideas of the kinds of things that can be created.

Butterfly ground art.

Girl with bunches!

Alien with football?

Beach mermaid.

For even more inspiration check out the work of the amazing Andrew Goldsworthy – something to aspire too!

Andrew Goldsworthy

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