Off to do the washing up!

We have a long term plan.  To open our own campsite, just the way we like it, in a beautiful corner of the uk.  Campfires, loads of space to choose a pitch, a stream (there has to be a stream), nice clean basic facilities, beautiful views, some ropeswings and a bit of Forest School on the side.

Some people think of campsites as a cheap and convenient place to stay while they explore an area, fair enough if that is all you want out of a campsite go for it. However, for me the campsite should be a destination in itself.  Of course, I want to explore the area around but I also want to feel that if I spend the whole afternoon at the campsite I’m somewhere a bit more exciting than my own backgarden.  That’s why good views, streams, ponds, ropeswings or maybe some great woodland or a beautiful meadow are things I look for when choosing a campsite.  I also do like a decent toilet and a shower.  I know I’m weak but there it is.

Campsite reviews are tricky things because how do you know that a campsite a stranger gives 5 stars to is going to be something you would rate highly.  So now you’ve got to know me a bit through this blog (and as you are still reading I assume you like the kind of thing I’m on about) hopefully you can trust my reviews to reflect the kind of thing that you think make a great campsite too.

At present we are settled in the beautiful city of Bath, Uk.  Our kids are happy at school and we live in a great place which, very importantly, offers fantastic access is some of the most beautiful parts of the uk.  So for now we are researchers, finding the best places to camp, the best things to take with us and the best ways to have fun while we are at it!  To help us build this future we offer for sale  sell things we think makes camping easier, more fun, or just a bit funky.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. winecantcurebackpain says:

    Thank you for a great blog, with great links, we are always on the lookout for campsites that allow fires, be it open fires, or portable firepits. I shall follow and learn more about your trips and recommended things to take and do with the little ones. Wine 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Hi Hazel,
    Just wanted to say, your site it GREAT. I always refer back to it on the hunt for good ‘natural’ campsites. PLEASE, find a publisher to create a ‘natural/ forest school’ kind of book – nver mind cool camping or glamping – we need more beautiful & real camping experiences & spots! I really think there’s a gap in the market for more nature based, spiritual camping for couples & families.
    Good luck & let me know when you’re in print!

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