Being appreciated.

I had a lovely e-mai from a reader this week which totally made my day.  I thought I would share it with you.  makes me feel so good when I know I have actually helped someone out.  Thanks Charotte!

Hi Hazel,
My name is Charlotte  and I’ve loved reading your blog for a while now. I have quite a few blogs I follow but until now I’ve never felt the urge to email anyone. That is until the near disaster of my camping trip last week. I wanted to send you a quick thank you, as unbeknownst to you, you totally saved our holiday! 
My husband and I set off on a five day trip to Wales last Tuesday. We’ve never been camping in Wales before, but we decided to tie it onto the back of a work meeting and head over to a campsite just south of the Brecon Beacons. After a bit of research online we picked a wild camping site…carry your kit to the pitch and you get total seclusion. Sounds idillic, but in reality the trek to our chosen pitch was totally underestimated by me and caused some tense words from the hubby! Not to mention that it was raining cats and dogs and the ground was completely saturated. Unfortunatley the site did not mention any of this to us and we were pretty much left to our own devices. I think, given the dramas of getting everything to the pitch and the torrential rain, we weren’t really in our right minds. We should have given in and moved on right then but, for some reason, we persevered and set up for the night. More rain battered down and I spent a sleepless night worrying about the muddy paw prints on my pristine canvas tent and the bog which was developing under the groundsheet. 
I’m making it sounds way more dramatic than it actually was but I guess, when you’re stuck in it, it does seem rather dramatic! 
Anyway, we woke up to this (sorry poor image quality)
Needless to say, I managed to convince the poor hubby to lug all of our stuff back up to the car and we left pretty quickly. We had no signal or battery on the phone so we headed off West and found a pub to use as our “new campsite search” base. This is when your blog comes in – I reassured the hubby that I knew of this great camping blog and I am pretty sure all the sites recommended are guaranteed to be of a certain standard. We refuelled on a lovely pub lunch and phoned a couple of the Pembrokeshire sites you’ve recommended and ended up confirming with Ty Parke. 
This is when everything changed…what a transformation to our holiday! 
Ty Parke is absolutely fantastic. If you haven’t been there already you should definitely go. Gary and Annie, the owners of the farm, were such gracious hosts and they made sure our stay was as comfortable as possible (even finding some washing power for me to wash the mud off ALL my clothes!). 
The rest of the week was quite simply the best camping experience we’ve ever had and it was with heavy hearts that we made the 4 hour trip back home yesterday. Despite the long journey, we will definitely be going back to lovely Pembrokeshire and Ty Parke. 
So I really just wanted to say thank you for helping save us from a nightmare trip!!
Best Wishes,

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