When you can’t camp…

Brean Down

Wow! It has been pretty glorious the last couple of weekends hasn’t it?  The camping itch has been getting hard to ignore. But lets face it is only March, and though we’ve had some warm days, nights are still pretty chilly. Although we love camping we aren’t all that hardcore.  The campervan does not have heating and even if it did, I don’t generally like sitting around in it in the evenings.  So whilst we have been very tempted we haven’t quite committed to the start of the camping season yet.  So, in order to calm the itch a little we have been taking the Bongo out on the weekend for one day adventures. Continue reading

6 Great campsites in Pembrokeshire!

I have been researching campsites in Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire.  Turns out there are a clutch of really rather great campsites. Pembrokeshire offers wild coast lines, hidden coves, huge sandy beaches, very little light pollution and far fewer crowds than many areas of Cornwall.

Here are some of my top finds (of course they are all campfire campsites!): Continue reading