All I want for Christmas…(the gadgets)

The summer camping season seems a long time away but I am already idly daydreaming about next year’s perfect camping spot.  In this utopian vision I have a few little added camping gadgets.  Perhaps you could add these to your christmas wish list or buy them  for the camper in your life!

The kelly kettle is a wild camping classic.  It will boil water in approx 5 mins with a little fuel such as twigs or pine cones. Incredibly efficient and no need to carry liquid or gas fuel.  Perfect for a ‘wild’ cup of tea.

Click to buy on Amazon

Small ‘Trekker’ Kelly Kettle® Alu. (0.57 Ltr / 1 pint) £36.95 on Amazon

A really good penknife is invaluable! The Leatherman Wave is perhaps the best multi tool on the market.  Well appointed, incredibly strong but compact, a truly satisfying thing to own. Its features include a saw tool, as well as a couple of blades and the pliers are unbelievably useful in so many situations.

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Leatherman Wave Multi Tool with Leather Sheath £84.99 on Amazon

If this seems a little much have a look at the Victorinox Nomad.  A funky design, a bit more simplistic in terms of the tools provided but a very handy tool for camping.

Click to buy on Amazon

Victorinox Nomad £20.32 on Amazon

I know most people will have matches or a lighter to light their fire but admit it a Firesteel is much cooler! A pretty inexpensive piece of kit and apparently this is the one that Ray Mears recommends!

Click to buy on Amazon

Swedish Army Firesteel £13.99 on Amazon

Maglite have always made excellent quality torches.  The LED version is no exception but the added benefit of fantastically bright LEDs which will last for sooo much longer than the traditional bulb and won’t run the batteries down.

Click to buy on Amazon

Maglite  2DCell LED Torch  £22.43 on Amazon

And finally… How about some real camping luxury. Proper coffee.  The Handpresso is the ultimate portable coffee maker, this version can be used with pods or ground coffee. Brilliant.

Click to buy on Amazon

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Maker for Ground Coffee and Pods £89.64 on Amazon

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