Alternatives to Cloud Farm

Cloud Farm is in a glorious location but it is well known and can get very busy at peak times so here are a few alternative spots to consider, all campsites that allow campfires!

Doone Valley Campsite – Practically next door to Cloud Farm, right next to the ford.  It also offers riverside camping and allows campfires.  It too can get pretty busy at peak times but it does also have some fields that can be reserved for groups.  Facilites are basic but purpose built and well maintained.  A nice campsite, just avoid peak times. You do need to book here.

Leeford Farm Camping – Close to the village of Brendon you will find Leeford Farm, again offering riverside camping and campfires. You can turn up without booking.  See my full review here.

Between Leeford Farm and the village of Bredon we spotted a mysterious field, signposted ‘camping’.  There were no facilites as far as we could see and just a group of three campers in the field.  We noticed a campfire in the field but it was off the ground in some kind of fire brazier. The flat areas which you could camp on were bit elevated so offered some lovely views.  Who you paid, how much, etc, etc – no idea, but maybe worth a visit? If you are feeling brave.

Millslade Camping – Just on the other side of Brendon to Leeford farm, near to the village hall.  It is a tiny site, next to the river again, though with steep banks and the river is quite deep and fast flowing here. Campfires are allowed.  I haven’t camped there so hard to comment fully but I had a good look around and spoke to some campers.  There is a trailer unit with toilets, fresh water and showers are available at the Millslade B&B which is a bit of a stroll down the lane. The road runs alongside the campsite, behind a big hedge, it is a very quiet road though. Real back to basics camping, I thought it looked like a really lovely spot.

Caffyns Farm – Not in the East Lyn Valley, but near Lynton and the Valley of the Rocks. I wish I had spotted this before we set off on our last visit to Exmoor. Caffyns Farm was bought in 2011 by the people who created ‘Cloud Farm’ as a camping destination.  They seem to be applying the same principles, campfires encouraged, turn up and camp flexibility, a beautiful location and a real passion for creating a great campsite.   Pretty sure this will be the campsite I head for next time we go to Exmoor.

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