First trip of the season…

This year I have two camping urges I would like to fufill, one is to camp near the beach, the other is to experience a bit more wildness. I want to step out of the van in the morning and be wowed by the scenery.  A field and a bit of farmland  is not going to do it for me. Continue reading

Campsites I want to visit!


This weekend  we did not go camping.  Phew, I think we needed a break. Plus of course, it gave me a chance to research some more campsites I want to visit.  I have a spreadsheet that I add campsites to as I find them (is that very sad?), so I thought I would share them with you. Perhaps some of you have visited them and can tell me if my hankerings are with or without reason.  Also do let me know of any campsites you recommend!

All these sites allow campfires. Continue reading