‘It was called ‘Yellow”

Who knew coming up with a name for this blog was going to be so hard! Trawling for inspiration from friends  brought up some funny, some daft and some clever names.  But none were quite right.  Then a false start.  I chose a name and started blogging only to find that there was already a blog with that name.  darn.  Rooky error.

Finally, setting out  on the first camping trip of the year, driving through the rural countryside of south gloucestershire, one glorious landscape image became very prominent.  Yellow fields of rape, blue skies, armadas of fluffy clouds.  YellowFields Camping was born…

I am a mum. I have two daughters age 4 and 6. And one husband. We love to camp.

The joy of camping!

We’ve always been campers, even Before Kids. I have to admit that we were once advocates of basic camping: a tent, sleeping bags and roll mats; but, our gear has grown considerably since having the kids. To the point where we bid farewell to out family tent, kitchen tent and yes even fold out table and chairs and bought ourselves a campervan!

The campervan is exciting in so many ways but the best thing about it is how quickly we go from making the decision to camp to setting off. Most stuff is already in place, just add clothes and food and we are off! Last year we managed 10 camping trips!

So this blog is going to be all about our adventures as a family that camps.

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