Campsite review: Alpine Grove, nr Chard, Dorset

Camping among the trees.

Camping among the trees.

Woodland Loveliness.

I came across this campsite when looking for somewhere at short notice, on a sunny summer weekend, with two other families. It seemed unlikely we would find anywhere and when I found this I was a little supicious, how come they could fit us in? On top of this there is a swimming pool, which always makes me a bit anxious about what type of site it is.

However, we were very pleasantly surprised when we turned up. It feels a little like my memories of European sites, situated among a large grove of beautiful decidous trees (not sure where the alpine bit comes from!).

Pretty woodland setting – the grassed area.

The main part of the camping area is grassed with some hardstanding, a large area of grass is always kept free to allow ball games etc. However, the more magical part of the campsite is beyond this in amongst the woodland, there are a good number of hidden away pitches, some large, some small. Lovely.

Camping among the trees.

The owner has also very wisely invested in some fire braziers. A little pricey for an evening and a bit annoying that he insists on coming and taking them away in the morning so you have to go and get them again in the evening, but well worth it. This campsite also has a very pleasant toilet/shower block and the swimming pool is small and lovely for the kids to have a splash around in, though it doesn’t have a shallow end so kids need to either be competent swimmers of wear bouyancy aids.

Nearby attractions include the gorgeous seaside town of Lyme Regis, famous for fossil hunting and its amazing artificially created sandy beach at the Cob. Lots of other stuff to do in this area and you can go on walks from the campsite.

Tildabeast and Woozle enjoying the freezing cold waves on the Cob beach in Lyme Regis.

To be honest if it weren’t for the fire braziers I probably wouldn’t have gone there. Its a little bit more manicured than I would ideally go for, however, its situation amongst the lovely wood made it rather magical. The wood extends some way back beyond the camping area and makes a brilliant place for kids to explore, make dens etc. Big points to the owner for getting the fire braziers, if he can do it, why can’t others!

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