Be kind to campervans.

I was not someone who ‘always wanted’ a campervan.  I have enjoyed tent camping for many years. We have camped in a tiny two man tent, a slightly bigger two man dome tent and a medium sized 4 man family tent.  So I do understand  and wholly support the desire for campsites free of caravans and motorhomes.  Recently there has been a surge in the use of bell tents and sites with yurts, I love this too.

Bell tent loveliness.

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Campfires? Yes please.

There are a few parameters that a campsite must fulfill for me to want to camp there. The most important to me is the ability to have a campfire. The fire is the focus of the camp. It provides warmth, light and a place to cook (even though the campervan has a hob we prefer to cook over the fire as often possible). Part of this blog will be our ongoing efforts to optimize over the fire cooking, recipes, equipment etc. CampingDad is especially keen on this stuff!

Love getting a small cooking fire going in the morning.

The other really cool thing about campsites that allow campfires is that they often fulfill some of my other parameters for finding a good campsite. I say no to to club houses, restaurants and bars, tents and caravans in regimented lines (urgh). Yes to large pitches and especially those who let you choose where you pitch. Yes to views, lovely tumbling rivers and streams, ropeswings, woods, good walks from the campsite. Ahh, makes me smile just thinking about it.

CampingDad thinks I am a bit too militant in always demanding a campfire so I try to keep my mind open to sites that look lovely but just don’t allow campfires (but why??). I do try, really.