Camp in My Garden – no, not really my garden!

Ok, hold the press everybody.  I have just come across another brilliant camping concept.

There has been quite a trend recently for websites that share facilities, equipment etc.  Like, a rather cunning website where you can, umm,  park at people’s houses, on their drives in fact.  Clever isn’t it.  We’ve used it and it worked a treat.

So guess what?  Yes, now you can also  Camp in My Garden!  I was so excited when I came across this idea I nearly popped.  It’s like the ‘Tiny Campsites’ book by Cool Camping, only smaller!  It has only been going since June 2011 so initially I feared there wouldn’t be many ‘gardens’ on the site, but it is actually quite mature in terms of the number of places available, all over the UK and internationally (Belgium, Bulgaria, Indonesia!)  Maybe the only downside is that there aren’t many reviews available of individual places yet.

Camping at ‘Nigel and Carina’s Place’, nr Exeter.
Image from

The other thing I would love to see is a symbol on each garden’s profile page indicating whether they allow campfires, although you can contact the owner directly to answer any questions.   I shall be strongly recommending this to the website admin!

What a brilliantly simple idea! Isn’t the internet great.

3 thoughts on “Camp in My Garden – no, not really my garden!

  1. Michelle says:

    I agree – what a great idea. I was talking to a school mum the other day who was saying how tricky it is to get into campsites, especially just for one night. This could open up a whole host of other potential spots. Like you say though the rating system could do with being more helpful. Michelle x

  2. LAMEAUX says: is an interactive free website. The aim is to connect people offering a camp site in their Garden to people looking for a place to camp, Like couchsurfing, this website is available all over the world,
    For a stop or for a stay, with your tent or your camping car, choose among the gardens, farms, or sites available for rent. 

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