6 Great campsites in Pembrokeshire!

I have been researching campsites in Wales, particularly Pembrokeshire.  Turns out there are a clutch of really rather great campsites. Pembrokeshire offers wild coast lines, hidden coves, huge sandy beaches, very little light pollution and far fewer crowds than many areas of Cornwall.

Here are some of my top finds (of course they are all campfire campsites!): Continue reading

Kent and Sussex Campsites

My mental image of the south east of England, particularly the areas of Kent and Sussex, is rather a domestic one.  This is the area that I grew up in, and while I always appreciated it was a pretty area, I would have never imagined it as a holiday destination.  However, I have noticed many rather fine looking campsites in the area and I am being forced to re-assess my opinion.  Check these out: Continue reading

Why aren’t there more campfire campsites?

I spend a lot of time (no, really A LOT) combing through the internet for campsites that allow campfires. Occasionally, I come across one I haven’t seen before but mostly I am seeing the same places coming up.  It never ceases to amaze me.  I know I’m a tad on the obsessive side on the subject but surely most people enjoy a campfire? Continue reading